And We Have A Winner!

We here at Cigars Etc. Part 2 are proud to announce that we have selected a winner for our Guest Blogger Contest: Jonah Daniels, an aspiring writer and professional roofer with Wichita Roofing Companies.

For those of you who are unaware of our contest and/or are just now hearing about it for the first time: on January 1st of this year we decided to hold a contest on our blog site, Cigars Etc. Part 2, inviting aspiring writers to write a review or article on their favorite brand of cigar, or anything related to the cigar and smoking world.

This contest was run for a full 30 days.

Then our team sat down to begin reviewing all of the many submissions we received. And they narrowed it down to the best of the best. Then they narrowed it down once more to the very top submission out of all the remaining best.

After we had finally completed our reviews (and by the way, a lot of you provided us with some amazing and original posts/reviews – and we sincerely thank you for that!), we were happy to announce the winner.

In addition to being a professional roofer with the Wichita Roofing Companies out of Wichita, KS., Jonah Daniels is a cigar enthusiast as well as an aspiring writer with his own personal blog.

When he heard of the contest, not only was he interested, he was eager to share his expertise in cigars and love of writing with the world.

Jonah’s contest win not only brought some publicity and attention to himself as well as Wichita Roofing Companies, but it also put his writing talents in the spotlight; not to mention the fact that he also won a year supply of his favorite (according to his own blog post) brand of cigar, Garcia y Vega.

As the smoke settled, we had a clear and undisputed victor(s): all those blessed by reading Jonah’s amazing work!

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