CigarEtc2—Blocked Pipes

People use house swapping or the temporary exchange of homes in order to cut down the cost of hotel or rental fees when traveling for extended travels such as vacations or business trips.

Representatives for CigarEtc2 used this option as a more affordable way to attend a convention for Cigar Aficionados in Denver, Colorado.

Fortunately Damien Saleh Gregorian, the founder of CigarsEtc2, was able and willing to offer his home in exchange for the use of the Williams home, allowing the Williams family to attend a wedding in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Unfortunately, during the extended trip before the convention, meant for sightseeing, the Williams house experienced a major sewage backup. After reaching out through various local resources, and running the choice by the Williams family, Gregorian scheduled an emergency appointment at Arvada Plumbing Services (

Arvada Plumbing Services started out as a one-man shop serving the immediate area, but it has grown into a trusted source of plumbing expertise in the entire Greater Denver Metropolitan Area. Services include, in addition to the traditional plumbing assistance, remodeling for both residential and commercial properties.

Due to the possible spread of disease, it is always necessary to find a competent and reliable plumbing service to handle sewage backups. Contaminants present in sewage can cause considerable harm to both humans and pets that come in contact with it. Due to unsafe disposal habits, sewage can also carry traces of pesticides and pharmaceutical drugs.

After determining that the cause of the backup was a severe blockage, Arvada Plumbing Services went to work removing the obstruction, and cleaning the area of all contaminates. The job was completed quickly and efficiently, with free-flowing communication between all involved parties: the plumbers, Gregorian, and of course the Williams family.

Arvada Plumbing Services did not give either Gregorian or the Williams’ any trouble when the house swap arrangement was explained, and all billing issues were handled swiftly and with minimal fuss.

At this point, Damien Saleh Gregorian and his colleagues were able to enjoy their visit to Colorado, attend their convention and learn and share information surrounding the cigar industry, just as planned.

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